Durable truck superstructures

Limetec Oy designs and manufactures durable, finished and user-friendly truck body superstructures for versatile transport needs. To ensure the quality and functionality of the finished product, the entire manufacturing process takes place in our modern production line in Kokkola, Finland.

Our product range includes truck body superstructures for bulk carriage, refrigerated transport and dangerous goods transport. You can choose from a number of door solutions - we can get a van from the side opening or from the roof. We always test our product carefully before delivery, especially with regard to the functionality of door solutions.

We manufacture the truck’s superstructures as a standard product with a comprehensive, standardized range of equipment. On a separate request, we tailor customized custom solutions to our customers’ needs for transportation, and our range of accessories is really wide.

Close and long cooperation with our customers has given us a lot of valuable information about our customers’ transportation needs. With this information, we have developed a number of powerful solutions, such as load attachment, electrical systems, and various integrations. Design, high quality and user-friendliness are the key to Limetec’s truck body superstructures.

Limetec manufactures truck superstructures using today’s state-of-the-art technology and anticipating the future development of the transport sector. This thinking is represented by our new generation of designers, which means that we manufacture a clear, line-worn and structurally-designed truck body superstructure.

Choose the product range according to the shipping needs

All Limetec transport solutions are divided into two product lines: Limetec Next and Limetec Specials. Limetec Next is our standard product line and Limetec Specials is our customer-tailored transport solution. In our product series you will find the transport solution that is right for you.

Limetec Next

Standardized, standardized product line with customizability

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Limetec Next

Customer-tailored transport solution with efficient design

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Limetec trailers are built to meet customer needs

Did you know...

What is a Truck Bodywork?

The lorry is built almost invariably over a rigid separate body. A pallet, container, container or other suitable equipment for the transport of goods can be installed on the hull. The truck's superstructure is exactly the part that separates the trucks from each other according to their purpose.

Today, the superstructure is designed and manufactured for a specific transportation needs. There are a number of superstructures, for example, for bulk carriage, refrigerated transport or for the transport of dangerous goods. Cars in bulk cargo are usually equipped with a lumbar verge cushion or presses. You can also install a tow coupling at the back of the truck body to allow the car to tow a trailer.

The lifetime of the bodywork is limited, computationally for 10 years. However, the use of superstructures is convenient because the same car can be fitted first for one purpose and later the new car owner can replace a different solution. The implementation of solutions that meet your needs for transportation is Limetec's core competence.

Best features:

Finished products

Durable structures

High quality components

Tailored solutions

Limetec is headquartered in Kokkola, Finland. Most of our products are exported to our main markets in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Baltics, Switzerland, Nederland’s, UK and Russia. Through our dealers and service points, we offer good service near all our customers.