Limetec high-quality lorry semi-trailers

Limetec designs and manufactures high-quality heavy duty semi-trailers designed for your business needs. To ensure the quality and the finished product, we also manufacture semi-trailer hulls in our up-to-date production line in Kokkola, Finland. Our factory production model has been renewed and established in 2017 and has two assembly lines in place that enable us to more effectively customize customer-tailored load platforms on the second line.

Every Limetec truck trailer is designed to meet our customer’s transport needs, built to withstand and finish thoroughly. Our semi-trailer range has many side and door solutions as well as a fixed or foldable roof option. Our semi-trailer is always tested carefully before delivery, especially with regard to the functionality of door solutions.

All semi-trailers are available with comprehensive, easy-to-use standard equipment and a wealth of accessories to ensure tailor-made performance. Comprehensive refrigeration solutions are also successful.

Choose the product range according to the shipping needs

All Limetec transport solutions are divided into two product lines: Limetec Next and Limetec Specials. Limetec Next is our standard product line and Limetec Specials is our customer-tailored transport solution. In our product series you will find the transport solution that is right for you.

Limetec Next

Standardized, standardized product line with customizability

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Limetec Next

Customer-tailored transport solution with efficient design

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Limetec trailers are built to meet customer needs

Did you know...

What is a semitrailer?

A truck semi-trailer or trailer is a trailer with all axles located at the rear of the caravan. The front of the semi-trailer is coupled to a towing vehicle or auxiliary carriage and causes a significant vertical load on the towing vehicle or auxiliary carriage.

The semi-trailer combination is a combination of vehicles in which a tractor with a towing table is used as a towing vehicle. The semi-trailer is switched on to the truck's steering wheel.
Semi-trailer dimensions such as length and load capacity are important and well-defined factors that we consider in the design and manufacture of semi-trailers. The semi-trailer combination has a maximum permissible length of 16,50 meters and a maximum permissible gross weight of 48 tonnes on six axles.

As a semi-trailer is common in international traffic, the semi-trailer dimensions are in accordance with the standard. This makes it impossible for a tractor company to own a semi-trailer. When the land changes, the towing vehicle can also be changed but the cart will continue to travel to its destination.
Limetec's driving forces are customer orientation and quality consciousness. We always push forward the desire to design and manufacture the most suitable semi-trailer for the customer's transport needs.

Best features:

Finished products

Durable structures

High quality components

Tailored solutions

Limetec is headquartered in Kokkola, Finland. Most of our products are exported to our main markets in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Baltics, Switzerland, Nederland’s, UK and Russia. Through our dealers and service points, we offer good service near all our customers.